eLiveSoftware concentrates on web application. These applications utilize a combination of technologies. On the client applications may be powered by Client applications by additionally be powered via server technologies such as

eLiveSoftware could contract to create websites but our interest is in developing interactive web applications that perform activities often thought of as local applications. Applications on the web are available anywhere whether you are at home or at work or on the go... No one is tied to a specific computer or workstation.

Our current application under development is eLiveSVG. You are free to use it online or to download it in it's current version for use locally or on another website. We would appreciate links to and when you develop graphics or host it elsewhere. Thanks. And now the link ---> eLiveSVG. Warning: This is very rough at this time, starting at version 0.050 . We are concentrating on functionality and not polish. The interface feedback will remain on our to-do list for awhile. Please and return periodically.